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Exploring the Best of Yellowstone National Park in Three Days

Day 1:

  • Start the day early and head to the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center to learn about the famous Old Faithful geyser and watch it erupt.

  • Continue on to the Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the park and known for its beautiful colors.

  • Visit the Norris Geyser Basin, one of the most active thermal areas in the park with a variety of geysers, hot springs, and mud pots.

  • End the day with a drive through Lamar Valley, known for its wildlife sightings including bison, wolves, and bears.

Day 2:

  • Head to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, a 24-mile-long canyon with waterfalls and hiking trails.

  • Take a hike along the South Rim Trail for stunning views of the canyon and Lower Falls.

  • Visit the Hayden Valley, another wildlife hotspot, known for its large herds of bison and elk.

  • End the day with a soak in the Boiling River, a natural hot spring where hot water from a thermal spring meets the cool waters of the Gardner River.

Day 3:

  • Start the day with a visit to Mammoth Hot Springs, a complex of hot springs terraces that have been formed over thousands of years.

  • Drive through the Hayden Valley again to increase your chances of spotting wildlife.

  • Take a hike to the top of Mount Washburn for panoramic views of the park.

  • End the day with a visit to the West Thumb Geyser Basin, located on the shores of Yellowstone Lake and known for its colorful hot springs and geysers.

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