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All your memories, remembered.


  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation

  • Prompt and question system to encourage meaningful storytelling

  • Ability to share experiences with friends and family

  • Collaborative tool for group events

  • Personalized event or travel diary with photos, notes, and maps

  • Access to your memories anytime, anywhere

Keepsake is free to download and will soon offer in-app purchases for additional features . Download now and start documenting your experiences today!


Plan to Remember™

Simple Plans

Keepsake's plans are tailored for intimate events, offering essential features like event planning tools, customizable content templates, and a secure platform for contributions. Prioritizing privacy, these plans provide affordable, accessible ways to capture and treasurearies, or milestone birthdays.

Personalized Prompts

Keepsake offers a unique approach to capturing your event's essence through personalized prompts. These prompts guide content creation and encourage guests to share their experiences and emotions. This not only sparks meaningful interactions but also ensures that your Keepsake goes beyond mere images to become a heartfelt compilation of shared experiences and sentiments.

Community Support

Keepsake is committed to community support and unity. We engage in local events and collaborations, striving to positively impact our community. Beyond preserving memories, Keepsake strengthens community bonds and fosters shared experiences, fostering a stronger, interconnected community.

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Available on iOS and Android.

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