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Don't just plan your next memory,
Plan to Rememberwith Keepsake.

End the scramble to keep track of your special memories,
capture the moments as they happen.

Ever felt overwhelmed on special events, torn between living the moment and capturing it?

With Keepsake, turn fleeting moments into lasting memories before you even get home.

Become part of a community that's revolutionizing their experiences with Keepsake.

Seamlessly capture immersive experiences
for unforgettable memories.

Capture from Every Angle

With Keepsake's custom scheduled prompts, users are always ready for the next event activity. This ensures every moment is captured, from candid shots to heartfelt instances, beautifully preserving every facet of your event for a lifetime.

No More Fragmented Memories

Say goodbye to fragmented memories! Keepsake crowdsources photos from all the travelers in your group, ensuring that no special moment goes unnoticed. Your family's story, complete and comprehensive.

Real-Time Questions, Timeless Memories

Memories fade quickly, but Keepsake won't let them slip away. We send you real-time questions that capture the essence of your experiences, so you can relive every detail, every emotion, forever.

Plan to Remember™ with Keepsake.

Ready to transform your event experiences? Sign up for Keepsake now and start creating unforgettable memories!

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